Perth Engineering Company

Delonix Solutions is a leading engineering firm operating from East Perth and Port Hedland in Western Australia. We are recognised for our expertise in the mining sector, where we have successfully delivered brownfield and greenfield Mineral Processing Plant Design, Expansion and Improvements. We also offer a comprehensive range of engineering services and innovative design solutions for projects across the Resources and Heavy Industry sectors.

Expert Engineers in WA

We have a dedicated engineering and design team of over 50 experts, both locally and globally. At Delonix Solutions, we are committed to providing exceptional service to our clients, which include:

We pride ourselves on integrating the latest engineering and management technologies to deliver advanced solutions that are both innovative and efficient. We specialise in the engineering of processing plants and plant equipment, including pressure vessels, storage tanks, silos, bins, process buildings, industrial buildings, conveyors and vibrating screens and more.

We believe that a positive work environment is essential for delivering exceptional results and retaining top industry talent. Delonix Solutions is dedicated to creating a vibrant culture founded on leadership integrity, clarity and enthusiasm. We value teamwork, efficiency, dedication and accountability, which result in a combination of energy and expertise in everything we do.

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Innovative Computer-aided Design Engineering Capabilities.

We primarily work within the Resources, Oil and Gas, and Heavy Industry sectors, with a strong foundation built with small to medium size commercial businesses.