Innovative Engineering & Design Services

Welcome to Delonix Solutions, where we bring innovative engineering solutions to the Resource, and Heavy Industry sectors. Our comprehensive range of services includes Structural Engineering, Piping Design, Mechanical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Surveying and Laser Scanning, Design and Fabrication Drawing.

Civil Engineering

Our multidisciplinary civil engineering services cover feasibility studies, design development, construction documentation, and supervision. We excel in designing civil structures and infrastructure, such as roads, bridges, ports, and water treatment plants, delivering cost and schedule benefits through innovative engineering and collaboration.

Structural Engineering

From designing buildings and bridges to other critical infrastructure, our structural engineering team utilizes the latest technology and industry best practices to deliver designs that meet or exceed all relevant standards and regulations.

Mechanical Engineering

With a focus on mechanical systems and equipment, our team specializes in design, analysis, and optimization. We provide services for crushers, conveyors, tanks, pumps, and more, ensuring cost-effective and sustainable solutions.

Piping Engineering

Delonix Solutions excels in multidisciplinary Piping Design services, delivering innovative solutions. Our expertise covers feasibility studies, detailed design, construction documentation, and supervision. We specialize in designing efficient and reliable piping systems for diverse applications. Contact us to optimize your project’s performance.

Advanced Analysis FEA and DEM

Delonix Solutions provides advanced analysis for optimal project outcomes for our clients whilst acting in their best interests. Our team of highly experienced engineers possess extensive technical knowledge and a deep understanding of the construction industry, the latest technologies and best practices. We approach each project differently to ensure that we fully comprehend our clients’ requirements, and we are flexible in working independently or closely with your team.

Design and Fabrication Drawings

Delonix Solutions is a leading provider of Design and Fabrication Drawings services for clients in the Resources, and Heavy Industry sectors. Our experienced team of professionals has the expertise to deliver high-quality and accurate design solutions for even the most complex projects.

Industrial and Mining Engineering Professionals

With our cutting-edge technology and expertise, our team of highly experienced professionals can provide sustainable and cost-effective solutions for projects of all sizes, ensuring your projects are engineered to the highest standards of safety, efficiency and reliability.

Our Structural Engineering services include the design of buildings, bridges, and other infrastructure. We utilise the latest technology and industry best practices to ensure that our designs meet or exceed all relevant standards and regulations.

We have extensive expertise in the engineering of processing plants and plant equipment, including pressure vessels, storage tanks, silos, bins, process buildings, industrial buildings, conveyors, vibrating screens, and more.

At Delonix Solutions, we are committed to delivering exceptional results and service, ensuring your projects are delivered on time and on budget, with a focus on quality, safety and innovation.

Innovative Computer-aided Design Engineering Capabilities.

We primarily work within the Resources, Oil and Gas, and Heavy Industry sectors, with a strong foundation built with small to medium size commercial businesses.