Advanced FEA & DEM Analysis

Delonix Solutions delivers advanced finite element analysis (FEA) and the discrete element method (DEM) to achieve desired project outcomes.

We collaborate closely with you to gain a comprehensive understanding of your needs and operational goals. Our seasoned engineers, based in Perth, Western Australia, boast vast technical expertise and knowledge of the construction industry, industry best practices, and technological advances. Adopting a flexible approach for each project, we work closely with your team or independently, as required.

Advanced Analysis FEA and DEM Services

Our expertise spans mechanical engineering and structural engineering, where we leverage finite element analysis (FEA) using Ansys Workbench FEA software.

We employ a combination of design codes as specified in our work order and various modelling tools based on the finite element method (FEM) and the discrete element method (DEM). Our comprehensive approach ensures accuracy and reliability and allows us to deliver precise and dependable results for your projects.

finite element analysis (FEA)
finite element analysis (FEA) and discrete element method (DEM)

Finite Element Analysis (FEA) Services

Our highly skilled engineering team works with the following applications of FEA:

  • Vibration analysis

  • Fatigue analysis and assessment of the remaining fatigue life

  • Linear and nonlinear buckling analysis and pushover analysis

  • Steel, concrete, and plastic membranes, shells, and solids analysis

  • Nonlinear contact analysis

We use Ansys Rocky for our discrete element modelling to assess the bulk flows and wall pressure of critical material handling equipment.

DEM Software – ANSYS Rocky

Ansys Rocky is an advanced DEM software package for simulating and analysing particulate solids handling and processing operations. It has several distinct advantages over competitor codes, making it an engineering simulation tool that supplies models of real-world problems and gives engineers confidence that digital solutions have real value.

  • Fast and accurate with multi-GPU solver capabilities featuring cutting-edge shared-parallel-memory technology
  • Realistically simulates discrete particles in a vast array of shapes and size distributions

  • Flexible CAD import of geometries, including XGL, STL and DXF, to simulate any type of system

  • Easy to use with a simple user interface, integrated help topics, and customisable parameters

DEM (Discrete Element Method) Expertise

Delonix Solutions specialises in leveraging DEM simulations to assist in operational validation and equipment optimisation for bulk material handling.

Our DEM expertise includes, but is not limited to:

Geometry & Configuration Optimisation

We quantify appropriate geometry and configuration of equipment to optimise the flow, handling, and storage of bulk materials. We ensure the equipment achieves the nominated nameplate capacity by utilising DEM simulations in the early design stages.

Equipment Wear Life Predictions

Through DEM simulations, we can predict the long-term effects of bulk materials on equipment wear life. This information aids in proactive maintenance planning and optimising equipment performance.

Fluid-Solid Interaction Simulations

Delonix Solutions offers the additional benefit of coupling DEM with Ansys Mechanical and Ansys Fluent to simulate the interaction between fluids and granular solids on mechanical equipment. This capability comprehensively analyses complex systems involving granular materials and fluid flow.

Cost-Effective Concept Development

DEM simulations provide a more cost-effective alternative to physical prototype testing. We simulate multiple “what-if” scenarios, including material property changes, particle interaction variances, surge loading, and plugging – allowing us to quantify material flow characteristics, identify problem initiation locations, and develop practical solutions.

Granular Material Movement Simulation

Our DEM simulations accurately model the movement of granular materials, tracing individual particles and their interactions with equipment such as transfer chutes and ship loaders. By simulating material behaviour, we identify and solve problems associated with incorrect geometry, ensuring efficient material flow.

On-Site Reproduction & Quantification

Our team can conduct DEM simulations to reproduce and quantify existing materials handling setups on-site. We analyse parameters such as conveyor throughput, belt speed, belt loading profile, calculated bulk density, deflector position effect, and wear materials installed in chutes.

Unlock the Power of Advanced FEA & DEM Simulations

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