Meet The Delonix Solutions’ Team

Premier Engineering & 3D Scanning Firm Perth

Meet the dynamic team at Delonix Solutions, a premier engineering firm based in East Perth, Western Australia.

Renowned for our mining sector prowess, we specialise in delivering successful projects in mineral processing plant design, expansion, and improvements, offering innovative design solutions across the Resources and Heavy Industry sectors.

Alongside our engineering solutions, we’ve also developed cutting-edge data-capturing software, transforming the way you handle heavy 3D scanning data online.

Our Management Team

Philippe Vatin

Founding Director

Philippe’s journey in engineering began with his education at a prestigious French engineering school, the École Spéciale des Travaux Publics (ESTP) in Paris. His interest in engineering began in his teenage years, fuelled by a strong inclination towards technology, computers, programming, and 3D software. Philippe was drawn to engineering due to his passion for physical geometry and physics.

His ambition was to either run an engineering company or create his own. Philippe completed the final year of his master’s degree at RMIT in Melbourne, which was an opportunity to expand his horizons beyond France.

He started his career in Australia with GHD in Perth, where he honed his engineering skills, particularly in computational techniques like finite element analysis.

His career at GHD involved developing procedures for Building Information Modelling (BIM) and adopting new technologies in the industry. After several years at GHD, Philippe sought to expand his capabilities and wrote a business plan for this purpose.

Subsequently, Philippe founded Delonix Solutions.

Delonix Solutions started from scratch, building its reputation project by project. Over five years it grew significantly, expanding its team and project portfolio. Today, the company has over 50 wonderful employees across many disciplines including engineering, drafting, and 3D scanning.

Gareth Blakey

Project Director

Gareth Blakey serves as the Projects Director at Delonix Solutions, where his disciplined approach and strong management skills significantly contribute to the company’s project success.

With an extensive background in both management and technical fields, Gareth has been involved in a diverse array of projects. His expertise ranges from serving as an expert witness to leading the direction of multibillion-dollar initiatives.

Gareth is deeply committed to fostering a culture of excellence within his team, emphasising the significance of ethical practice, diligence, high performance, timeliness, and transparent communication. These principles are seamlessly integrated with Delonix Solutions’ foundational values, ensuring a client-focused approach to project services that is both efficient and effective. His ability to instil these values, combined with his technical acumen, makes Gareth an inspirational leader in our organisation.

Graeme Perkins

Technical Director

Graeme started his engineering career in Brisbane in the mid-1990s. He completed a BEng Mech Hons IIA at the University of Queensland, before moving on to various MEng courses in minerals processing at the Julius Kruttschnitt Mineral Research Centre.

Graeme transferred to Perth, where he subsequently became involved in the engineering design aspects of sustaining capital work on an operating plant. This led to more projects in gold, nickel plant upgrades, tailings cyanide treatment, backfill plants and crushing plants in WA’s goldfields.

During his career, Graeme saw many advantages in using information technology to improve efficiencies at each step of an asset lifecycle, including database technology for knowledge management, CAD, 3D modelling, numerical analysis, and more.

Having worked across the world for almost 10 years, Graeme learnt many lessons in team building in multi-cultural environments. Overall, he loves being part of a team that creates and delivers the business objectives of his clients.

Shane Hassan

Engineering Manager

With a career spanning over 25 years, Delonix Solutions’ Engineering Manager, Shane Hassan, is an invaluable member of our management team. His expertise in the mining, minerals and resources sector covers design, studies, project and construction management, commissioning, operations and maintenance.

Shane has worked on various commodities within Australia and internationally, including rare earths, mineral sands, graphite, coal, gold, copper, nickel, iron ore, lead, zinc, cement and lime.

As a team leader, Shane’s focus is on building and motivating engineering teams to ensure time, quality and cost targets are met alongside safety and constructability aspects. He believes in applying practicable approaches to engineering challenges and zero-based execution methodology.

Shane previously worked for high-profile engineering and construction companies such as Lycopodium, Sedgman, Flour, Worley, and CPC Engineering before joining Delonix Solutions’ management team in 2024.

“We play a key role in ensuring that our client’s project adds value as intended.

We provide value-creating engineering solutions for clients in resources, heavy industry, and infrastructure. Our integrated approach covers all engineering disciplines, ensuring efficient project execution under EPCM Contracts.”

Philippe Vatin – Delonix Solutions Founding Director

Our Principal Engineers

Ricardo Quevedo

Principal Structural Engineer

Ricardo Quevedo is a well-known professional with a long career in the mining sector.

He started his work 35 years ago in Chile, working for Copper Mining Projects.

Ricardo’s ambitions to expand his professional horizons made him to move to Perth in 2006, and he has since been involved in a variety of jobs and commodities including iron, gold, uranium, lithium, and more.

His education was done at the Universidad de Chile, Escuela de Ingenieria (Engineering School) 1986.

Ricardo recently joined Delonix Solutions and has brought all of his experience to help to increase the company’s portfolio.

He has a hands-on approach to work, and especially enjoys working with the Delonix team to achieve great results for our clients.

Our Team’s Expertise

Delonix Solutions’ success is driven by a dedicated and diverse team of over 60 experts, continually growing to meet the evolving needs of our clients. Our team brings together a wealth of knowledge and experience in a wide range of fields, including structural engineering, piping design, mechanical engineering, civil engineering, surveying and 3d scanning, and design and fabrication drawing.

We pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of engineering and management technologies, allowing us to deliver innovative and highly efficient solutions. With a specialised focus on engineering for processing plants and equipment, our team takes on challenging projects encompassing pressure vessels, storage tanks, silos, bins, process buildings, industrial structures, conveyors, vibrating screens, and much more.

At Delonix Solutions, our people are the backbone of our success, and their expertise ensures we consistently bring value to our clients.

Innovative Computer-aided Design Engineering Capabilities.

We primarily work within the Resources, Oil and Gas, and Heavy Industry sectors, with a strong foundation built with small to medium size commercial businesses.