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Delonix Solutions Management Practice

Prior to the submission of any bids, Delonix Solutions (Delonix) thoroughly assesses the compatibility of the work against the company's capabilities and current workload. Each project is evaluated under its own merits and Delonix primary objective is to provide satisfactory results to clients under the key criteria that define a project; Scope of Work, Time and Budget.

Our project managers are qualified engineers with solid technical and contractual foundation. Having full control of the projects and being accountable for the project outcomes, they lead projects efficiently and act in close collaboration with our specialists.

Delonix having advanced 3D-CAD coupled with a PLM system at the core of the company guarantees the application of our project documentation and management procedures. Our current focus is the inception of projects at detail engineering level. Our management infrastructure is optimised for the delivery of the engineering of the details.

Our service offer includes:

We work directly for our clients or collaborate with reputable engineering firms. Our open corporate policies facilitate and promote our services to deliver work packages as subcomponents of large engineering and construction projects.